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You can call me Mrs. Moving on :')Friday, 13 December 2013Leave a comment

My heart is like a door if you want to leave then leave if you want to come back just come back open the door knob step on the welcome mat but make sure when once you close the door please don't open it and leave me but well,that’s how life works, in order to move on, i needed to let go of everything that happened.

All the love.
The happiness.
The memories.
The frustration.
And heart ache.
All the tears.
You don’t understand that I’m like a army tank thin layer of glass, I built you up as much as I could, then you smashed protect my glass to make yours bigger.Yes, you can keep glue that glass together, but there’s always going to no be some cracks left.
He gave me hopes,he sent me a song,then he sang me a song even though he sang it for like 10 seconds, that "10 seconds" was the best part of my day of my life or everything but now we seems to be drifted away i just can understand why,but somehow suddenly i talk to myself that i am such a fool for fall in love with him,but whenever i want to move on suddenly the flashbacks kill me,it totally fucking hurts,he doesn't wanna lose those opportunity to have a look at me when im not looking with just one eye. hurmsssss 
i heard some people says 
"do cry babe,but make sure when you're finish crying you're not gonna cry again for the same reason" 

but the matter is i didn't finish yet,i just don't know how to end this problem.I always perform Solat Hajat and pray to Allah to keeps make me stronger to face these.In Sha Allah amin
Hurmmmss my words may be seems like an english writer but neehh i don't know.but i feel like something came out whenever i start to type or write something emotionally huks bubbye.
Well now, all of you can call me MRS MOVING ON . nvm i fine with that jus tell them i was happy  and my heart is broken ):) <<< if you get wht i mean

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Heylow guys,
He are something new, something that I never experienced before.I have a new crush… I think.  Its weird.  Its a new one to me because I’ve known this kid for 8 years and I’ve never really felt anything for him but now I keep noticing things about him that I never really payed attention to… He’s sarcastic, he’s funny, he’s cute as hell and he knows how to brighten a room… I don’t know… its new for me to feel this way about him…
And maybe I’m just over-analyzing again, but sometimes I catch him watching me when I’m not looking or, I’ll look at him and he;ll look away… and then when we do make eye contact its usually because we had the same thought about what someone said.  We always laugh at the same things… I like his laugh too.  It reflects him.Weird yet… I don’t know, something overt… Its really weird.  I don’t know… I’m pretty sure he’s straight but you never know… I’d like the opportunity to get to talk to him though… I’m not entirely sure why…He smiles a lot and has a really nice smile and cool hair and cool style and I think I’m crushing.He are not boring or vain or simple or mean.  He’s one of my closest friends…But,i really hopes that there's no any single fake hopes that were given to me ok.That’s not what i currently need. Not right now.

Letting go hurtsSaturday, 18 May 2013Leave a comment

I cried so much because of my best friend moving school
I don’t know if you’re reading this or not. But I just want to let you know that I did what I felt was right. I am scared. I don’t want to lose you. You were my best friend.
I love my best friend so much and i would do anything for her.Now i just found out that shes moving schools! i busted into tears and i cried for hours!! i kept think oh my gosh this can't be happening! and now every where i look i either i think of her or start crying! im gonna miss her sooooo much!!! ill never get to see her!! whos gonna make me laugh, smile, give me the joke in the world, and whos gonna be my best friend!!! no one and i mean no one can replace her!!!!! I hate this.I don’t know what to do, what to pick and I’m terrified of losing my best friends next year. I should probably let go and hope for the best but I’m freaking out.

Dear friend,
I hope you get everything you wish for. I hope your mornings are bright and your nights are hopeful. I hope you get that promotion to elementary school. I hope you take up a hobby that makes your heart happy.i hope you"ll be the best accountant. I hope your family is always there for you and you have the best friends in the world. I hope you laugh until your cheeks hurt. I hope that your eyes are never stained with tears. I hope that you travel far and experience all the joys of this world. But most of all, I hope you find that one person in your life that you can call your own. That one person who make you smile as i did, who will hold your hand in times of need as i did, who will take your tears and make them their own as i did. I hope you find this person and they are everything you dreamed of.
This is what I hope.

Our first met when we were in standard 1 at SKSU,your reaction when you're in angry is your eyes kept looking up and i wonder what are you looking for.Your style,your laugh.I hope those things will instill in yourself forever.I know my absence will not makes any changes in your life,or anyone life.When i heard you want to move to your mom's school,i do not want to cry at first,but,
holding this tears are hurt. i busted into tears and i cried for hours.I really hope that you are not moving.Or else,who gonna have "mulut murai",who gonna have "budak suka berjalan",who gonna have the loudest laugh in my life.All those things got in you.Do you remember our "platinum" last year?hurmmsss alissa.alissa.alissa.alissa.last night,i laid on my bed and thinking what gonna happens next.and i cried,till i fell asleep.

Life isn’t fair sometimesFriday, 19 April 2013Leave a comment

Guys, I’m really upset about attitude one of my ex best friends. </3 
I try to remain loyal to my friends, and be the best friend I can possibly me, but that doesn’t seem to be enough for her.I want to be there for her, yes nothing seems to be good enough. She doesn’t talk me, she stares as I walk by.I’m trying to keep my head up, but walking by, seeing her makes my want to cry. I thought we’d be friends for a long time. But here we are.Losing you best friend is the worst feeling in the world. It’ll all be okay in the end, I have my family, and I love you guys so much. You mean the world to me, especially right now. Thanks for being there for me.

Oh I am sorry I am I seem 
bitchier around you lately.But,she's been too obsessed with her own boyfriend,broooo another girls also got one,but pls don't try to impressed we with all your boyfriend thingy.Maybe its the fact that life kinda sucks right now. Maybe its the fact that I can’t tell you how I feel with out being called a drama queen but every time you have a problem I am always there to listen and help. Maybe its the fact that you aren’t around anymore. Or maybe its the fact that it all feels like I am losing a best friend all over again.

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Halu Assalamualaikum,
Dah lama gilos tak update pape.Hahah sebenarnya kita tengah kena tweetlimit ni,sebab tu saje nak post something kat blog.hihihi.Lagipun dah lama tak usik blog ni,dah berhabuk dah.*fuuuuuu ~~ tiup screen.So,tahun ni PMR,tahun ni kita belajar,tahun ni kita gelak,tahun ni nangis,tahun ni kita tidur,Macam-macam kita nak buat,tapi usahanya takde.Oda tak prepare pape pun lagi,sedar memang sedar tapi tak tahu ah banyak sangat godaan,cabaran tahun ni.Tahun ni EVERYONE CHANGED even me :'(.Malas ah nak cakap,cakap banyak pun tak guna,dia ambik sambil lewa je.Tahun ni mcm-mcm jadi,hilang kawan,dapat kawan baru,dapat buku baru,dapat cikgu baru,almaklumlah tahun ni kan sekolah pagi,setelah 2 tahun setengah sekolah sesi petang.Like seriously sekolah sesi pagi lagi best dr sesi petang.huhuhuhuhuhu.Cikgu kebanyakan sporting giloosss.So,i pen off now.bye

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No more crush,no more tears.
Okay,ayat tu je yang boleh guna for move on sekarang ni.Tapi memang betullah aku kena buat macam tu.Next year dah PMR.Tak boleh main-main dah.PMR means no more crush.OK.Thats my motto.But,I not sure the words gonna work for a long time.Geez,forget about it.But,almost half of my entry in this blog were about crush crush crush.Hmmm its getting bored.I need something new on my blog.Hmm lets start a new life maybe.Lagipun ambang New Year 2013 just around the corner.Means,PMR also around the corner.hahahah 98's lets break a leg for this last PMR.Next year adik beradik aku semuanya periksa penting except my brahh sebab dia dah kerja.Kakak - SPM.Me-PMR.Adik - UPSR.See?el ow el.So,start bulan DEC n kitorang dah start tuisyen.Tuisyen kat tempat tuisyen je.Kat rumah kitorang buat mcm biasa je.Well,hahha malam masih muda.LOL mkaybye

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Nah, gurl, you don’t need no man.
You’re strong and independent and that boy be wearin’ those same two sweaters all the time anyways
That’s not adorable in any way. Psh. Plus, he does that flippy thing with his hair that looks totally obnoxious
I mean, come on, he probably doesn’t like you anyways even if you did like him
You’ll be forever alone forever and probably never find love at all

i wonder if I was someone's crush
probably not.
No one crushes on me on real life

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